Even wonder what your pets do when your not home? Me neither until I watched this movie.

I am a 24 year old who yes, went to a kids’ movie by herself. But I work at a cinema, and it’s my job to know which movies are worth the money, and which ones are better off downloaded illega… I mean hired from your friendly Blockbuster or movie hire place that is totally making a profit. (Is Blockbuster still a thing?) Plus I watch them all for free, so naturally I’m going to watch everything.

The Secret Life Of Pets, starring Kevin Hart, Louis C.K. and Eric Stonestreet, is a family friendly, animated movie from Illumination (the same people that brought us Minions). Set in New York City, this movie is based around a dog named Max, who’s world gets turned upside down when his owner brings home a stray named Duke, who Max immediately dislikes. Finding themselves lost after escaping a dog park, the duo must find their way back home, but not before dealing with stray cats, dog catchers, and a crazy bunny rabbit on a mission to get revenge on all humans.

Now this movie is only G rated, so it’s good for kids, and normally this would throw me off a bit because when I think G ratings, I think of Peppa Pig or Octanauts (Totally think the creators of most kids’ shows were high as kites btw). But I had parents bringing out their kids because they thought it was scary, so I was curious to see what part of this movie could even come close to scaring small children. I suppose the one-fanged viper and the crocodiles in the sewers could scare the children with one-fanged viper and crocodile phobias. But most kids seem to enjoy it, and insist their mothers and/or fathers take photos of them standing in front of the movie’s standee we have in our foyer. Some kid even stole the fluffy white dog right off of it!

So if Gidget is worth stealing, obviously she’s a good character, and in my opinion she is. Totally in love with Max, Gidget lives in the apartment building across the road, and makes it her personal mission to find Max when he doesn’t come home with the others from the dog park. She’s a feisty one, interrogating an alley cat for information and fighting stray animals. But a little kid doesn’t think like this, they just think she was cute and totally took her cardboard cutout for their bedroom wall.


Now that I think about it, I don’t recall seeing the rabbit on the standee either when I noticed Gidget was missing. Bet some kid stole him too! What grubs! But I suppose Snowball is worth stealing just as much as Gidget. Just knowing that he’s voiced by Kevin Hart makes him great. He’s the leader of the stray animals who live in the sewers. Yes, a small fluffy bunny is the leader of a large group of delinquent animals, and he rides around on a cranky, muzzled dog. Plus he’s a whizz with a carrot, and can defeat fully grown men in battle. If that’s not worth a movie ticket, I don’t know what is.


All the characters are created so well, so shout out to you, character creators! Had to have taken some serious geniuses to create a diabolical bunny, a tattooed pig and a hardcore rock-loving poodle.


Since it’s main audience is children, it does have those ridiculous, unrealistic scenes that all cartoons have; like a tattooed pig driving a van or a small fluffy dog beating up a large number of stray animals on a bridge that has been pretty much destroyed thanks to a dog and a rabbit tipping over a bus, but it’s funny enough and your logical mind should be able to deal with it.

So totally go and see this movie if you get the chance, and if not for the kids, then for Chloe the cat, who’s 100% my spirit animal.


Okay… maybe not 100%. I swear I sometimes care about my friends’ problems, I’m not a complete monster. But her lack of motivation and love for food is totally me.


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