10 Reasons Why Supernatural is the Greatest TV Show Ever Made

“Saving people, hunting things. The family business.”

Since 2005, Supernatural has graced our televisions with an awesome storyline, attractive male leads and a how-to guide to fighting everything that goes bump in the night. With 17 awards wins and over 65 nominations, it’s no surprise that Supernatural is heading into its 12th season.

When I was 13 years old, I watched my first episode of Supernatural. My parents would “tape” it for me because it was on past my bed time 😑. Now, 11 years later, and as a 24 year old, somewhat adult human being, Supernatural is still my most favourite show ever, and here’s 10 reasons why.

1. It’s not just scary, it’s funny too. 


While every episode gives you a new case to solve with a different monster/ghost/demon, they also manage to make you laugh one way or another. I could list off every time I laughed in the whole 11 seasons, but we’d be here all day, so I’ll just say Mystery Spot & Yellow Fever. SPNFam you feel me? 😉


2. Sam & Dean. 


I don’t even have to explain this one. Just look at them. Jared & Jensen are literally perfection.


3. But seriously, Jared Padalecki is an amazing actor. 

Over the 11 seasons, Jared has played a heap different characters – Sam, Lucifer and Soulless Sam to name a few.


I mean just look at him. That’s some talent right there!

4. You’ll feel feelings for every character. 


In almost every show, there’s at least one character you don’t like. Like Joffery and Ramsey from Game Of Thrones. Hate those guys.

In Supernatural however, I don’t hate any character. In fact, Lucifer is my favourite. Every main and reoccurring character has a background, has a story, and it’s amazing. You can’t help but love them all, and feel for them, even the King of Hell.


5. Speaking of favourite characters – Lucifer. 


The devil is obviously a bad guy (for the most part). Not only is he my favourite, but he’s played so well by Mark, Sam and most recently Misha. You just can’t help but love him. Don’t fight me on this. He’s hilarious.


6. Dean’s obsession with food and eating. 


At least once a season, Dean is stuffing his face with food and it’s just great. In particular, he loves pie, and taking food offered to him by strangers.


7. Castiel and his cluelessness. 


Being an angel, Castiel doesn’t understand a lot of human things. For example, he doesn’t understand movie references, personal space, sarcasm or that you shouldn’t watch porn in a room full of men. Classic, Cas.


8. You don’t need to worry about anyone being killed off.


In a show like Supernatural, nobody is ever really dead. Sam and Dean themselves have died multiple times throughout the 11 seasons, with Dean dying a butt load of times in just one episode (Mystery Spot, Season 3, Episode 11).

And even if characters are actually dead, this is Supernatural guys, and they can reappear at any time – in flashbacks, in alternative universes, chilling in heaven or hell, ghosting it up on Earth, or just simply being revived (Season 11 😱)

9. You feel like you know how to protect yourself from ghosts and monsters. 


Even though there’s no proof that salt and iron protects you from ghosts, and silver defeats werewolves, you feel as though you’re a genius when it comes to supernatural protection. And if it ever turns out to be real, you’ll be living and the haters won’t be. And you shall be superior.

10. The bloopers are the best thing in existence.


If you’re a die hard Supernatural fan like me and have all the seasons on DVD, you would have watched the bloopers, and they’re hilarious. They’re on YouTube. Watch them. Do it.


ibvtyxqbn7rna (Oh wait, this one was actually in an episode.. See? Best show in the world.)


This. 😉



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