YouTube Channels That Are Worth Watching

We all know what YouTube is, and if you don’t, then you mustn’t have the internet, and are therefore not reading this blog post. Everyone who has the internet has been on YouTube at least once in their life. It’s a great website for watching videos about pretty much anything you’re interested in. Naturally some channels out there are better than others, making more money and reaching a wider audience. The following channels are just some of the ones I’ve come across while digging deep into the YouTube universe, and if you’re not watching them already, then you should definitely give them a go.

“Good Mythical Morning” 


Good Mythical Morning, or GMM for short, is a skit-like morning show hosted by Rhett and Link. Uploading Monday through Saturday, each video is both entertaining and informative, providing interesting facts, crazy game shows, and ridiculous eat challenges for the viewer’s enjoyment. Each video starts with a statement referencing what the episode is going to be about, followed by “Let’s talk about that”, and a title sequence featuring GMM’s mascot, the cockatrice and a catchy tune, and each episode ends with a spin of the “Wheel Of Mythicality”. And if you still haven’t had enough, you can click through to “Good Mythical More”, the show after the show, and watch Rhett and Link even longer.

Every video is unique, with many videos being a part of different segments the “Mythical Crew” have created, such as the “Will It?” series, which requires the guys to eat a variety of different things made into foods they normally wouldn’t be made into, and the “Blind Taste Test” series, where they eat the same foods from different restaurants, etc, and try to determine which place each food product came from.

I discovered GMM while watching another YouTube video in which Rhett and Link were featured, and thanks to my curiosity, it has become my favourite YouTube channel.


“Matthew Santoro”


Matthew Santoro is a guy from Canada who makes videos containing interesting facts. He has four different segments – Top 10s, Facts in 5, Myth Busting and 50 Amazing Fact to Blow Your Mind. Posting every Tuesday and Sunday, Matthew has over 5 million subscribers, a separate vlog channel, and even has his own book – “Mind Blown”. He’s a very funny man, full of sarcasm and wit, and you’ll always be entertained while watching him. 

If you’re not already subscribed, then hit that red subscribe button and let the knowledge whale fill you up with all that knowledge!


“Most Amazing Top 10”

If it isn’t obvious by now, I’m a fan of Top 10s and interesting, probably useless facts.

Most Amazing Top 10 is hosted by three people – Danny, Landon and Rebecca. They upload all the time, with a massive variety of videos where they “take all kinds of weird and wonderful things from all around the world and pop them into a nice little top ten list” so we don’t have to. If you want a Top 10 list about something, chances are these guys have or will make a video for it.


“Beyond Science”


Beyond Science is a channel hosted by Mike Chen, and he uploads videos about weird and mysterious phenomenons or things he thinks are considered interesting. His channel is very intriguing, and he always manages to get your attention and keep you interested.


“Nikkie Tutorials”


Nikkie Tutorials is obviously a makeup and hair tutorial channel. She knows what she’s talking about, and she’s great for me cos she’s just as pasty pale as I am! She’s very entertaining in her videos, and always has good tips about what products work well and what products don’t. Many of her videos are makeup inspired by celebrities, along with a monthly “Hits and Oh-God-No’s”.



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