Movie Review: NERVE

If you’re looking for some good eye candy, some seriously entertaining and at times nail-biting dares, then definitely watch this.

“NERVE” is a thriller/adventure movie starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco (told you there was eye candy). Probably a film more directed at teenagers and young adults, this movie follows Vee and Ian (who’s name isn’t even Ian in the end) as they play Nerve, an online game where players do dares for cash, and watchers pay to watch. Then the top two players with the most watchers make it into the “finals”. If you choose to play, there are rules – finish the dares within the time limit, always film the dares, and most importantly, snitches get stitches.

It has all the same things other movies have – female lead who decides to prove she’s not boring, super hot male lead with a mysterious past, best friend you end up fighting and making up with, falling out and making up with your love interest, etc, etc – but it makes up for all its cliches with its crazy intense thrills that keep you on the edge of your seat.

It starts off all innocent of course, but naturally it starts to go too far with the dares getting more and more dangerous, eventually leading to some pretty serious and scary situations. Honestly it gets a little ridiculous towards the end, probably even a little too dramatic, but it’s still worth the watch for the average thrill seeker.

I actually think the whole concept of the Nerve game is a pretty good idea, especially for thrill seekers, as long as it didn’t evolve into what it becomes in the movie. Some of the dares were just 100% stupidity, and doing them in real life will probably most definitely be fatal or at the very least you’ll end up with some kind of injury.

But personally I’m a massive fan of Dave Franco, so anything with him in it, I’m definitely going to enjoy, because there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of shirtless Dave to brighten your day.




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